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During the sports break ,week 9, we are open everyday from 10-16. Zoologist owe sandström is at site with exciting presentations, fish feeding and presentations about the animal of the day. owe is here everyday except march 1st.

opening hours monday- sunday 10:00- 16:00

Just a walk away through the beautiful Haga park

Enjoy the unique experience of walking among exquisite colorful butterflies flying freely around you in a breath-taking exotic tropical environment. The Butterfly House Haga Ocean includes one of Scandinavia’s largest shark aquariums. Large and small reef sharks, as well as numerous exotic, colorful fish, swim together in the 30-meter long aquarium that holds 1.2 million liters of water.

During most weekends and holidays, zoologist Owe Sandström come and give exciting presentations about the sharks, the animal of the day and feeds the koi-karps and predator fish.

Presentation schedule:
11:30 Shark presentation
12:30 "Animal of the day" presentation
13:00 Feeding Koi-karps
13:30 Shark presentation
15:00 Feeding predator fish
* (The above schedule is subjected to change)

Next day of presentations:
February 17, 18, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29
March 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 29, 20, 31
April 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


En tropisk regnskog mitt i Stockholm. Njut av känslan att vandra omkring bland fritt flygande fjärilar i stora tropiska växthus för att sedan träffa hajarna och de andra fiskarna inne i Haga Ocean.

Inför Besöket

Priser, öppettider och annan generell information

Hitta Hit

Hit kan du ta dig via buss, bil, pendeltåg och gång.


För att smälta intrycken från utställningen är ett besök på cafeet ett utmärkt sätt att avsluta besöket på.


At best, perhaps a visit here will encourage some of our visitors to develop an interest in the sea and its inhabitants. It might even encourage some children to acquire a science education and continue to work on issues related to marine life environments.


A tropical rainforest in the middle of Stockholm

Enjoy the unique experience of walking among exquisite colourful butterflies flying freely around you in a breath-taking exotic tropical environment.

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The exhibition


Among waterfalls and rich vegetation, you will discover the wonders of nature. Discover the butterfly mating dance, see larvae enjoying all kinds of food and if you’re lucky, watch a butterfly hatch.

Some of the butterflies come here as pupae, and some butterflies spend their entire life cycle in the tropical environment at Haga.The Butterfly House covers over 3000 square meters and the environment inside is completely tropical. The temperature is never less than 25 degrees during the day, and at night it is always at least 18 degrees. The humidity is always high, and it is in these conditions that the butterflies thrive and multiply. During a single year, several thousand butterflies live here, and every time you visit us here there are at least 700 different varieties of butterfly species to see. Our butterflies are very exotic to our northern climes, while in their home environment they are relatively common.

There are no endangered butterfly species at The Butterfly House.


Discover the beauties of the sea in Haga Ocean Aquarium. Small and large reef sharks swim together with colorful tropical fish in the 30-meter long aquarium that holds 1,2 million liters of water. We have two shark species in our aquarium: The Black Tip reef shark which is the most common reef shark and The Sandbar shark which is the largest reef shark.

Come and see real shark very close. In proximity to the large aquarium there are several smaller saltwater aquariums with various fish, sea stars, sea urchins, corals and more. The cute clown fish is a favorite among the children. We also have an exhibition about The Great White shark- the real predator of the sea. In this exhibition you get to learn a lot about the mythical Great White for example geographical range, physiology, anatomy, history, protection and more.

On OCEARCH website you can see how sharks move around the world´s oceans. CLICK HERE to get to OCEARCH global shark tracking.


The purpose of the coral reefs at the Haga Ocean aquarium is to demonstrate a project we are working on to create new reefs of limestone-rock on land. What could be better and more environmentally friendly than using Mother Nature’s own materials, namely porous limestone to create man made reefs?

This type of limestone was formed a long time ago in the sea, primarily through corals abilities to absorb calcium and trace elements from seawater that the coral then turns into solid limestone. By adding back large amounts of limestone in the sea in a specific way, we can create new reefs that quickly become overgrown by algae, corals and biological life that are looking for a place to live and attach themselves to. Large amounts of crustaceans and fish move in too. These are amazing environments for young fry, for example, to live and grow up in.

There are a thousand good reasons why more reefs should be created when the coral reefs of tropical seas are the world’s most productive habitats for marine life. In addition to our projects and research, we believe that all people should be able to see and understand what a tropical reef is and what it looks like. As there are relatively few who dive in tropical waters, this is the perfect way to show children and adults how a coral reef might look like 7-8 meters below the surface with live reef sharks, shoals of fish, corals and algae.

At best, perhaps a visit here will encourage some of our visitors to develop an interest in the ocean and its inhabitants. It might even encourage some children to acquire a science degree and continue to work on issues related to marine life environments.

A Selection


We want to save the wild pollinators

Pollination meadows and bees

“At Haga, the butterfly can be seen making its green home amid misty frost and down” this is how it sounded when Carl Michael Bellman described the green areas of the Haga park in the famous 18 th -century ballad “Fjäriln vingad”. The situation of the Swedish pollinators is not as good today as it was before. The lush green areas where various pollinators live have decreased drastically. Humans are quite simply too good at maintaining green areas such as parks, meadows, lawns and gardens. Letting, for example, gardens grow wildly by themselves wecan help the survival of pollinators. The truth is that around one third of what humans eat stems from pollinators. To encourage the survival of pollinators, we at the Butterfly House Haga Ocean, have sprouted pollination meadows and butterfly paths. We have also brought tame bees.

Happy that you are visiting

Find us

public transport

Closest bus stop Haga Norra or Kolonnvägen
Closest commuter train station Solna Station

Visit For more information

with car

E4 Stockholm-Uppsala. Turn off at the Haga Norra exit. Just off the exit is the entrance to the park at Haga. Parking is directly to the left. Then wander down the lane for just a few minutes through the beautiful Haga Park to the Butterfly House.


Fjärilshuset i Hagaparken
16970 Solna

Tel: +46 8 730 39 81



Vi har öppet varje dag mellan 10:00-16:00. Segway passar alla åldrar. Barn under 15 år kan åka själva inne på Fjärilshuset Haga Oceans område eller i Hagaparken under målsmans uppsikt. Vi har 5 st Segways. Instruktion och lån av hjälm ingår alltid.Se till att ni är på plats ca 10 min innan er Segwaytid. Kommer ni försent kan det hända att er åktid blir kortare.Det går att hyra Segways på hösten och vintern beroende på väder och väglag.Boka tid härPRISER
30 minuter – 250:- / Segway

60 minuter – 400:- / Segway
Vid 30 minuters åkning bokas ändå en timme i bokningsschemat.
All åkning sker på egen risk!
Glöm inte att ta med giltigt ID-kort
Tele: 08 730 39 81

sit down and relax

Welcome to HAga Garden Café

Take a break from our exhibition with a cup of newly brewed coffee or maybe a cold beverage. Haga Garden Café is directly connected to The Butterfly House Haga Ocean. Light lunches and pastries are served here. 

If you have allergies, talk to the café staff  for other options. 

FYI: On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during November and December we will have a decreased meny.  Pancakes, small sandwiches, pastries, ice cream and beverages will be served.

*It is not allowed to consume self-brought food or drinks in the café. We do not take table reservations.  We do not have a picnic room. 

Telephone to the café: +46 (0)8 7303611

A perfect place for

Wedding and events

Beyond renting a place for an event we have a wide assortment of activities. When booking one of our rooms you get an exclusive right to our whole area. The outside area is 30 000 square meter with an outdoor serving area that can hold 400 people. We also have the possibility for tent solutions for up to 1500 sitting guest. It is totally 6000 square meter under roof. with the capacity for 400 people and the possibility for tent solutions for up to 1500 sitting guests. Totally 6000 square meter under a roof.

The garden restaurant

An ”outdoor environment” indoors with a green, lush setting. We have 2
dance floors and 2 well-equipped bars. We have room for 600 mingling
guests or 300 seated guests.

Chambre séparée

For day conferences for up to 100 people.

Food and drink

The food is our main focus and no requests are impossible. Barbeques,
Christmas parties, crayfish events you name it. We have our own kitchen
and we make the food on site. After the food, drinks are the centerpiece
to make the dinner an unforgettable experience. We are glad to put
together a suiting drink menu for your event.

Music, dance and entertainment

A separate dancefloor is available in the nightclub locale. We have
complete dj-sets in several areas at our site.

Time restrictions and over nights

We have our own boat dock at Brunnsviken. Travel from Stockholm with bus or train takes about 15 minutes. Great parking possibilities. Only about 6 km from Stureplan for guests who want to continues the night in the city.

There are two hotels close by.


All our rooms are handicap adapted. Staff and cleaning is included in the

For booking or questions

See quotation tool here

visist us with the

school class

When visiting with a school class, we want you to call or email in advance and let us know what date, what time and how many individuals there will be.

Admission prices

Teacher 90: -

School children (preschool children to high school students): 90: -

Guide approx. 1 hour: 1700 : -

School prices only apply if you have booked in advance and not during school holidays and weekends. We have no lunch bag places. It is possible to sit on our lawns outdoors.

We can invoice the payment, bring requisition and identification. The lowest invoice amount is SEK 350.

We offer guided tours:

May - August: Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 14.00 and 15.00 o´clock.

September - April: Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 10.00 - 14.00 o´clock.


visit us for a guided tour

special tour

Evening guided tours cater for all types of visitor from scout groups, community groups, youth clubs as well adult groups.

The tour consists of an introductory presentation of the facility followed by a thrilling guided tour where you get to meet all our animals really up close. You get to meet our giant catfish and participate in their feeding, experience our turtles, frogs, insects, lizards and of course all our butterflies and sharks.

The tours are led by Owe Sandström, our resident zoologist, well known from the Swedish television series about animal life.

Tour is available Monday – Wednesday

Tour duration is about 2 hours. Basic price for a minimum of 10 persons: 5000 SEK.

For more information on times and prices and bookings, please email Please leave a contact name and phone number.

A warm tropical welcome!

Before your visit

Prices and info

Entrance fee
Adult 249 SEK
Senior 198 SEK
Children 3-15 years 149 SEK
Children under 3 years free admission

Annual pass
Adult 730 SEK
Senior 580 SEK
Child 430 SEK


What are your opening hours ?
Monday- Sunday 10:00 to 16:00

Are you open during the Christmas break?
We are open everyday 10:00-16:00 except on december 24 & 25 when we are closed.

How much is the entrance prices?
Adults 249 SEK, seniors 198 SEK, children (3-15 years) 149 SEK. Children under 3 years of age have free admission.

How much is entrance prices for schools?
Answer: If you want to visit the Butterfly House Haga Ocean with a school you have to book a time. Send an e-mail to or call 08- 730 39 81. When you have a confirmed booking, the entrance fee for school children and teachers is 90 SEK. You pay at site with card, swish or with an invoice (minimum amount for invoices is 350 SEK). If parents are joining the visit they have to pay the full entrance price, 249 SEK.

Can I bring my stroller in the exhibition?
Answer: No. Strollers are not allowed on the exhibition because we have animals that walk around freely. We want to advise you to bring your own baby carrier and stroller lock. Stroller parking is outside the entrance. *You can borrow a baby carrier and stroller lock from us. ID-card as collateral. 

Can I get around in the exhibition with a wheelchair?
Answer: Yes, you can get around the exhibition with a wheelchair. The floor can be uneven in some places. 

Are there any wheelchair friendly toilets?
Answer: Yes, we have one in the café. 

Is there a wardrobe where I can hang my coat?
Answer: Yes. There is an unattended wardrobe in the shop where you can hang your coat. We do not have any lockers. 

Can I bring my dog? 
Answer: No, dogs are not allowed indoors in the exhibition, café or the shop. Dogs are allowed in the outdoor café area. 

When can I see the most amounts of butterflies?
Answer: We receive over 700 new pupas every week year around. Therefore, it is almost always the same amount of butterflies in the exhibition. Butterflies are more active when it is sunny and high pressure weather outside. It can feel like we have less butterflies some days because they are less active and harder to spot.

Can I bring my own lunch?
Answer: It is not allowed to eat your own food in the exhibition or café. We do not have any picnic rooms. Packed lunches can be eaten outside on our grass fields. 

Can I buy lunch at your place?
Answer: Yes, we have a café that serves lighter lunches and pastries. 

Can I take photographs in the exhibition?
Answer: Yes, without flash for personal use.

Is it warm inside the Butterfly House?
Answer: Yes, in the tropical butterfly room it is always warm and humid (around 28 degrees Celsius all year around)

Am I allowed to touch the butterflies?
Answer: No. Butterflies are very frail and you are not allowed to touch them. Sometimes butterflies can land on our visitors clothes. If this happens to you, gently touch the butterflies legs and it will fly away. 

Am I allowed to touch any animals in the exhibition?
Answer: No. The animals should be left alone. They can get very stressed if they are constantly touched. 

Are there toilets in the exhibition?
Answer: Yes, there are 5 toilets in the café and 3 toilets in room 4, next to the shark aquarium. Changing table for babies and a wheelchair friendly toilet is in the café. 

Where can I park my car?
Answer: There is a large parking lot about 200 meters from us. The parking lot is to the left after you turn into Haga Norra. Parking is not free. The Butterfly House Haga Ocean does not have its own parking lot.

Can I pay with American Express?
Answer: No, we do not accept American Express or Diners. 

Can I pay with cash?
Answer: No

Can I pay with Swish?
Answer: Yes